Are you Benning for Ben Week?

Here is a very important video, watch it now:

Ben Week 2015

Monday 14th December

Film Night

Tuesday 15th December

Burrito Day

Evening Games at Thirsty Meeples

Sign up (£4.50 → Steve)

Wednesday 16th December

Documentary Filming

Sign up if you want to take part

Maths Christmas Lecture Trip

Register at to come along

Thursday 17th December

Hipster lunchtime office trip

Evening office mini-golf tounament

Official Office Ben-Week meal (as organised by Sharon)

Friday 18th December


After-work treasure hunt and mystery game

We can Be Ben Week


Bennyone want a cup of tea

I'll just check in my Bencil-case

Yeah, it's about half past Ben; time for a burrito


"Ben Week" stickers, postcards, and banners will be available. Show your support and share the message: put up a poster today.


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Sunglasses, shorts, hats & beards: all for the cause.

Bens (actual) aftershave will be available, use some and tell people why you smell so great

Join us